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Our Why

“A plan in the heart of a person is like deep water, but a person of understanding draws it out.” Proverbs 20:5 NASB.
Mustard Seeds Mental Health Counseling, PC’s mission is to provide a safe environment where your feelings receive validation, you are unconditionally accepted and respected, and you are able to process and to discover the beauty of YOU!

Our How

Sometimes symptoms associated with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, negative thought patterns and intrusive thoughts are examples of indicators that there is an inner conflict that needs addressing.

This presents as an opportunity for growth. You don’t need to do this alone!

How Can I Help?

We offer telehealth sessions for

Individuals, Families, Couples

Individals (30-60 Minutes)
Families (45-60 Minutes)
Couples (60 Minutes)

Group Sessions
(90 Minutes)

Minimum of 5 and maximum of 12 clients

Life Coaching Sessions (60-90 Minutes)

One-to-One sessions focused on accomplishing SMART goals towards personal growth

(60 Minutes)

Providing supervision for limited permit mental health clinicians

Why Choose Mustard Seeds Mental Health Counseling, PC?
Tynisha Rue has over 7 years of experience as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and crisis intervention and over 4 years of experience as a Mental Health Clinician. Her approach is to provide unconditional positive regard and validation of her client’s feelings and experiences. Through affirmation, acceptance, and understanding Tynisha desires to partner with her clients to have a kingdom mindset which embraces self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-actualization. Being well doesn’t mean changing what makes you, YOU! Let Tynisha take this journey with you!

What makes you unique - special?

Embracing the fact that you are beautifully flawed will ultimately lead to increased happiness.  You deserve to feel satisfaction with your life!