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Meet Tynisha

A Licensed Mental Health Clinician in New York State and founder of Mustard Seeds Mental Health Counseling. She works with a diverse demographic of clients from toddlers through senior citizens who are dealing with a complexity of mental health issues including: anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship difficulties. Tynisha aspires to help clients affirm the beauty and uniqueness of their individuality. Through unconditional positive regard and empathy, Mustard Seeds Mental Health Counseling strives to help clients discover their purpose and passions through self-awareness. Ultimately, being authentically YOU, will bring an increase in joy and life satisfaction.

I once heard a sermon from TD Jakes in which he stated “I wish I could teach folks struggling with oppression how to have a kingdom mindset!” This statement embodies my therapeutic approach. Having a kingdom mindset means being affirming and having positive self-talk, along with showing compassion and graciousness to self.  This way of relating to self is important when battling with oppressive thoughts and toxic situations. In many cases, mental health issues often involve a disagreement between self and behavior/action and/or with self and environment. Changes often come about through tensions within us and around us. Being self-aware and self-accepting are paramount attributes in order to navigate change. Signifiers in your life that change is needed may be revealed through symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns.

For a period of time I worked at an outpatient agency. I aspired to opening my own private practice, but the timing of the transition was always questionable. In my experience, our mental and emotional wellness is disrupted in seasons when it is time to grow and move forward.

My disruption manifested with Sunday night – Monday morning anxiety to daily feelings of anxiety. These feelings presented in restlessness, inability to concentrate, and repetitive talk about the problems with work.  I had feelings of inadequacy, along with feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

These disruptions were indicators that I was not in harmony within myself and my environment. To get in alignment with my growth I had to acknowledge that it was time to move forward. Sometimes when we stay in spaces or with people that we have outgrown it can be depressing and distressing.

One of the strengths I have is understanding seasons of growth and change. Through self-awareness and acceptance this season can be life-changing and rewarding! It is YOU that the world needs.  YOU have a place and YOU matter to others. I want to help you understand yourself better, learn skills to help improve self-talk, while accepting your flaws and capitalizing on your strengths.

Let’s work together to discover your purposes and passions so that you are able to live your best life!